Consdorf and its local area are the starting point for many well-signed hiking routes of varying levels of difficulty. Shady forest paths lead you to picturesque hidden dells, dark caves,  fantastic views, strange rock formations, rolling farmland and a wealth of plant life. The 60 km (40 mile) local footpath network provides all a hiker could wish for.

More experienced hikers have  a great challenge in the Müllerthal Trail totalling 154 km (95 miles) of carefully laid out footpaths. Route 2 (33 km / 22 miles) and Extra Tour C (9km / 6 miles), both starting and ending in Consdorf, cover the whole hiking area of the municipality.

The deep, dark Kuelscheier cave and its surroundings, and the charming Schiessentümpel waterfall will impress you, as will the mighty rock formations of Goldfralay, Rammelay and others.

All the hiking paths in the Consdorf municipality are marked as circular routes, returning to the point of departure.

C1 1.9 km - Map
C2 4.0 km - Map (Kuelscheier)
C3 6.5 km - Map (Kuelscheier)
C4 6.6 km - Map
C5 5.2 km - Map
C6 4.2 km - Map
C7 7.0 km - Map

Mullerthal Trail Route 2:       33,0 km
Mullerthal Trail Extra Tour C:  9,0 km

AP Scheidgen: 7,5 km - Map
AP Consdorf:   9,3 km - Map

Sentier Fred Welter: 23 km - Map

Naturlehrpfad:  4,7 / 6,2 / 6,7 km

You are recommended to use a local or regional hiking map. For further details, please contact the Burgkapp tourist office at the La Pinède camp site in Consdorf.

There is also plenty for geocaching fans to do. For information on geocaching go to http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=4e4c6ec1-47b6-46cb-a9e7-f47bdceb7596  .